List of recordings

Conference: 2015

  • Chris Wright
    Chris Wright speaks briefly about the Langham Partnership, and then gives a talk about our mission.

Conference: 2014

  • Vinoth Ramachandra
    Vinoth Ramachandra of IFES talks on Engaging the University.
  • Dr Mike Clifford
    What is a renewed mind?  What would your discipline, renewed, look like?  What motto would characterise a renewed university? 
  • Revd Dr Jonathan Brant
    Loving theology - Loving the theology, or theology that is loving?
  • Dr Ruth Bancewicz
    Dr Ruth Bancewicz speaks on Creative Flourishing in Academia
  • Dr Maithrie White
    Why we should engage with culture? How have we engaged in the past, and did it help? How do the Church, Christians in Academia, and the World in general actually relate - if at all? What is culture anyway? And what 4 key things do we need for effective engagement? 
  • Dr Anthony Smith
    Square engagement to rounded engagement - 3 nudges that revolutionised how I engage.
  • Revd Dr Jonathan Brant
    Revd Dr Jonathan Brant looks at Transformation through Philosophy, Film, Fiction and Faith.