List of recordings

Conference: 2016

  • Andrew Fellows
    Andrew Fellows talks about the two mandates of the kingdom - the cultural mandate and the mission mandate - two sides of one coin, integrating our responsibility to Creation and Redemption. He also discusses how Christ's kingdom relates to institutions, and how Christ's kingdom is manifested through interactions.
  • Andrew Fellows
    Andrew examines the importance of the Christian mind, and discusses what business Christians have in the knowledge enterprise.

Conference: 2015

  • Chris Wright
    Chris Wright talks about Scripture as the story of God's dealing with his creation, and asks how we fit into this story.
  • Rhoda Hawkins
      Rhoda Hawkins speaks on the joys and challenges of life as a Christian academic.
  • Chris Wright
    Chris Wright speaks briefly about the Langham Partnership, and then gives a talk about our mission.

Conference: 2014

  • Vinoth Ramachandra
    Vinoth Ramachandra of IFES talks on Engaging the University.
  • Dr Mike Clifford
    What is a renewed mind?  What would your discipline, renewed, look like?  What motto would characterise a renewed university? 
  • Revd Dr Jonathan Brant
    Loving theology - Loving the theology, or theology that is loving?