2008 Conference - A beautiful mind?

20th - 22nd June 2008  -  Dovedale House, Derbyshire

A beautiful mind?

Both our speakers were from L'Abri Fellowship


stefan Stefan Lindholm is Swedish and moved to England together with his wife, Lois, to work at L'Abri Fellowship in 2005. He has studied philosophy and theology at Lund University and currently he is doing his PhD in post-reformation christology at Stavanger school of missions, Norway.

Stefan spoke on The importance of intellectual virtues 

andrew Andrew Fellows was born in Canada to English parents. He came back to the UK 23 years ago. Since then he has gained a wife, four children and lots of pets. For seven years he pastored a church in the North of England. For the last thirteen years he has lived and worked at L'Abri Fellowship.

Andrew spoke on Cultivating a Christian mind
and Integrating the mind and the imagination 

You might like to ponder the questions that we tackled in discussion groups!