Welcome to the website of the National Christian Postgraduate Conference. picture of previous conference “Transforming the Mind”, the National Christian Postgraduate Conference, UK, has been held annually since 2003. Its aim is to end the "great divorce" (to use a phrase from C.S. Lewis) that often existed between the academic and Christian lives of postgraduates. Bringing together postgraduates and postdocs from diverse disciplines and universities, and from many nationalities and denominations, the conference encourages them to view their subjects from a Christian perspective. It also promotes a more rigorous and intellectually credible faith, and explores how we can best be good stewards of our privileges of study and research. The site will be updated with new information from time to time - so look around now, and come back soon to see more.

We also have a Google Group discussion area where we talk about some of the issues we will engage with during the conference. You can read more about the conference, its origins and history, and the conference vision.